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About Us

Oasis Back-up Care is a provider of employer-sponsored child care, back-up care solutions. Since 2007, our team has been striving to nurture each child's unique qualities and potential, support families with the everyday challenges of professional and life balances, and collaborate with companies and employers to provide stream-lined care on short- notice or in advance

Oasis professionals value qualities that inspire growth and diversity.

Our Strengths – Reliability, Safety, and Compassion

When you select Oasis as your backup care resource, you’re hiring a caregiving professional to watch over your family. Oasis is company that cares about the safety and happiness of your family. Women owned and operated since 2007, our team strives to ease the rigors of work/life balance so all can rest easy, knowing that your values are shared by your Oasis Caregiver.

Our Service

Oasis primarily focuses on providing back-up care services as our specialty

Employer Sponsored Back-Up Care

Never have to miss out on an important meeting when your child needs unexpected care. We'll be there when you need us.

In-Home Infant, and Child Care

Oasis provides back-up child and infant care for employees of participating companies in various cities of Texas.

Highly Vetted Caregivers

Our caregivers are professional, responsible, kind and engaging. All caregivers are carefully screened, personally interviewed, and fully vetted by our trained staff. They are First-Aid certified and can perform CPR.


Oasis is also in the business of boosting employee moral. Our services provide a relief from worry about what is happening more at home, so they can focus on doing their best in the workplace.

Short Notice or Emergency Care

Tired of having to schedule in advance? Not a problem. Our caregivers can be there – before you know it.


For companies, Back-Up care provides is a cost-effective and easy-to-implement service for any size company. For employees, it is a way to improve quality of life at home and at work at an affordable rate.


Texas back-up care services are offered to many local companies, as well as to individuals needing caregiving help. 

What is a back-up care program?

Employers partner up with a back-up care company to provide regular or emergency caregiving services to their employees. In the event of a breakdown of regular care arrangements, Oasis can alleviate the normal pressures of work/life by helping employers subsidize coverage for caregiving needs in order for employees to be able to work efficiently and worry-free.

Employees may need last-minute care for a number of reasons, and may include:

  • Normal caregiver (or spouse) is sick
  • Employee overtime or caregiver is unavailable
  • The child needing care is ill
  • Vacations, holidays, breaks, or early dismissals from school

How does it work?

Companies contract or partner up with a back-up care company to offer this benefit to employees. When the need for care arrives, employees can contact thier human resources department to determine their eligibility of back-up care services.

Employees are typically alloted a specific amount of time for caregiving requests per calendar year by their employer, and sometimes employees incur a small deductible as they utilize care. 

The company advantage to offering back-up care

The benefits of utilizing Oasis Back-Up Care include:

  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Recruitment tool for talent
  • Reduced staff turnover
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased employee moral
  • Peace of mind
  • Uninterrupted work-flow

How to get back-up care

Please contact your human resources department to find out if your company offers a caregiving benefit. This may include childcare, adultcare, or elderly care. Additionally, there may be emergency benefits. 

For more information about getting a back-up care program started for your company, please contact us at 214.449.4717 or click the button below for your convenience.

The Team

Meet the family behind Oasis!

Sally Knowles

Sally Knowles

CEO & Founder
Dana Knowles

Dana Knowles

COO & Founder