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Small Business Owners

A well-balanced employee retention program can only benefit from a back-up care option

Back-Up Care can work for your organization

no matter if it's small, with cost-effective, flexible plans for both employer and employee. Organzations of all sizes can benefit from back-up care and it doesn't just help working parents, it also helps the bottom line of an organization.

A back-up care program can play a vital role in both attracting and retaining key employees, as well as in reducing turnover and its related costs. All of these contribute to an organization's productivity and overall business performance.

If this sounds like you might want to add a back-up care benefit, contact us to discuss your ideas, and find out how you can make your team happier, and more productive.

Quick Points for Employers

Details on the Billing Service Platform

No Annual Prepayments

No prepayment. No overage fees.
Pay-As-You-Go billing.
Each month, clients receive a billing statement based on the prior month’s utilization. If no employee utilization occurred in the prior month – nothing is owed. There is no annual prepayment for employee utilization.


All companies are eligible. The back-up care program is designed to be affordable and easy to implement. No company is too big or too small to take advantage of the opportunity to provide this benefit to its employees.

Active and Informed

State-of-art technology keeps employers and employees informed throughout the staffing process.

The back-up care program typically begins within 60 days of contract completion. However, we realize every company has unique needs and can tailor a program to meet your company’s timeframe.

How can Oasis help?

We offer a flexible solution for your needs


Oasis Back-Up Care will work with your unique needs and strive to build a lasting partnership with you. We offer flexible benefit plans designed to help your business grow and deliver a wide range of services crafted to meet your business model.


Oasis has experience with providing back-up care since 2007, so we know firsthand the benefits of creating an engaged workforce. Let us help you design a benefits package for you that will improve both the workplace and home life for your employees.

  • The costs of absenteeism compared to the costs of back-up care means your organization will be saving money every year.
  • Providing back-up care greatly enhances employer's benefit packages, which means attracting new talent and recruiting them for your organization will find greater success.
  • Research shows that employees with back-up care benefits have greater loyalty to their jobs, meaning a reduction in costs associated with recruitment and retention programs.

The impact of
benefits on

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Company Culture

"88% of millennial employees say that work-life integration is the first thing they consider when looking for a job."
Source: PwC Millennial Survey

Talent Retention

"69% of parents say that the cost of care has impacted their career decisions."
"25% of parents have switched jobs for better family benefits."
Source: Workplace Survey 2015

Increased Productivity

"Employees with access to child care benefits report an increase in work-life balance and engagement, with at least a 10% boost to work-life integration and a 5% increased engagement in the work-place."
KCE Fortune 100 Client Survey

Reduced Absenteeism

"Providing child care support for your employees can significantly reduce turnover and absences."
Source: Child Care Council, 2014.

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